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Turkey has experienced one of the highest levels of economic growth in the Euro-Mediterranean zone over the last few years. It has taken advantage of this to make investments in health. 

Several ultra-modern clinics have thus opened their doors, often in association with prestigious American or European universities, such as Harvard Medical School, John Hopkins Hospital, where the Lasik method which is the most modern method of refractive eye surgery, was invented .

Each year, more than 275,000 foreigners go to Turkey for medical treatment, mainly in Istanbul, which has become the European town where the most myopia operations are performed.

Thanks to this high volume of patients, many clinics are able to finance costly technology which may not be available in the UK.

An important competition between the different surgeons and clinics allows for a very high quality. 

The clinic selected by TurkCare  for laser eye surgery in Turkey is the best private eye clinic in the Turkey and practises more than 25,000 refractive surgery operations per year. 

Most of educated people speak English. All of our doctors will speak English. He/She will be joinable by phone even after your consultation and you will get his personal mobile phone number. Other employees of the clinics (like drivers) usually don’t speak more than some words but are very used to foreign patients and do their job very professionally.


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